Saturday, 13 February 2016

Over the Moon

I told myself I needed to try keep my weekends free for me. Georgia time. But oh my, I am currently jumping for joy. Well, I was before I sat at my MacBook!

I am sure all teachers can vouch for me when I simply say Term 1 is an organised mess. Due to the state of the mess - we are reshaping our Health and PE Curriculum currently. I feel so privileged and excited to be a part of this, and I look forward to seeing where the department will be in the future.

Today was a minor, yet huge accomplishment for me.

Earlier this week I discussed with my Head of HPE what we were going to include in the Junior PE Curriculum. I instantly noticed a couple of things missing - no dance and no aquatics units. I suggested these be included into the Curriculum because dance and performance is a part of the students' culture, and many of the students do not know how to swim or have any water safety knowledge. 

I have just received an email from my HOD confirming these units will be included in the Junior Curriculum. I am so happy.

However, this is not all of my success, only part of it.

I have been asked to write the dance and aquatics units.

Over the moon. Way past the moon! THIS IS SO EXCITING!

I am making a difference!

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