Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A Deserved Long Weekend

The Dean in charge of my tutor group
This week has been tough. Mentally, emotionally, physically and psychologically exhausting. I am giving 110% every minute of every day, and unfortunately that is coming at a cost to my own mental wellbeing. However, I am thankfully surrounded by people who are very supportive of me

My mentor and HO
I needed a bit of time to gather my thoughts and reflect on everything that is going on at school, at uni and at MDTA at the moment, as well as my own personal life. 

The boss suggested a day off, I hesitated at first as I want to be with my learners, but I definitely needed it. Now I have also had a 5 day Easter break to reboot myself, to get through the last 3 weeks of term. Hallelujah this week is only 3 days!

We need to always remember that even though our learners mean everything to us, sometimes we have to put ourselves first. This is the lesson I have learnt this week, and need to keep reminding myself, so that I don't drive myself into the ground. 

Some of my tutor group :)

The reality is, no teacher is perfect, no day is perfect and we cannot do everything.
We can try, but sometimes we won't succeed. This is tough, but what is picking me up when I feel guilty for meeting a friend rather than marking an assessment, picking me up when I am up until midnight planning lessons and then teaching off 5 hours sleep and picking me up when my lessons don't go to plan.


  1. Very timely post Miss D, thanks for writing it! A big focus for me has been the management of my own energy - the old 80/20 rule! This is hard but I think as we grow as teachers (and we will!), that we will start to recognise where and when we can add value and adjust our tack as we see fit. You are doing an amazing job though and I really enjoyed reading the notes your tamariki left you!

    1. Yea I completely see where you are coming from. It's tough to only give 80% when you want to give everything but we need to or we will go crazy! I can show you more notes if you like, I have a few pages worth that I now carry with me at all times to remind me why I give everything! I hope you've had some time to yourself to relax.


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