Friday, 14 October 2016

Coding to Game

This morning's task was to create a game through the website, a non-profit organisation which encourages people to develop their own games through coding. This is called The Hour of Code.

There are various options available for people from all ability levels, from a simple drag and drop box, to more complex jargon such as Javascript. This would be great for students interested in coding and gaming! Prior to creating games, there are various steps to complete to scaffold the learner, as well as an intro in the jargon. There is a great sense of accomplishment when you achieve the tasks set!

I was disappointed when Google Sites took away the option to HTML code, as I enjoyed manipulating the code to produce a site page/interface, so maybe this could be the way I get my coding fix!

Unfortunately, my field does not align very heavily with this application, so I am unsure of the opportunities I may have to use it. However, I do wonder whether I could create something related to the body. For instance, my Seniors are completing and evaluating training programmes, so I may be able to use a training programme through a game sense to teach acute and chronic responses to exercise by creating a body the user interacts with.

I am interested to think and explore further with this idea for the future!

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