Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Kia Ora Manaiakalani

Today the MDTA trekked out around Tamaki getting to know the area and the schools we will be working in this year. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, as I was on leave in South East Asia! In addition, the week has included introductions into the cluster and the Trust.
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After reading through the posts from my peers, it has become evident that we are in for some exciting times ahead! We will be lucky enough to have Fridays off to learn more about the Manaiakalani Trust, pedagogy and history, as well as digital immersion. On top of this we will be completing assignments and attending lectures towards our Honours.

For a further explanation about MDTA, check out Ashley's blog post.

Danni's blog post further elaborates on the orientation days I missed.

I enjoyed watching Steph's short film she created about the walk!

I am looking forward to meeting my tutor teacher, getting my timetable and especially getting to know the kids. Bring it on :)

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