Friday, 12 August 2016

Audio Engineering Basics

I have always been an admirer of musical talents, particularly because many of my friends have various instrumental abilities. In the future I would love to learn how to play with drums!

Today I was on leave so unfortunately missed an awesome learning opportunity centred around Garage Band. Upon discussions with fellow MDTA'ers and reading their blog posts, they appeared to have an awesome day and learnt a considerable amount of new information.

Some affordances of Garageband are movie making, rewindable learning, creating your own backing tracks and flipped classrooms.

Some key take-aways the group had were; the audio should compliment the visual, use external microphones when possible, consider whether the music or dialect is more important to highlight, play through a loud speaker to check quality, volumes levels need to be consistent.

Some in depth, useful blogs to read;


  1. Good on you for harnessing the expertise and knowledge of the group in this way to support your learning. Rob has offered to run a toolkit on GB so I recommend you get to that if you can so you also have a face to face tutorial.

    1. Thanks for letting me know - hopefully I can make it!


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