Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Architects or Teachers?

Our focus for day 3 today looked at Learning Design, and beginning to think how our classroom environment (physical and digital) impacts on the learner's experiences. 

One theoretical framework which offers how digital technology may impact on teaching and learning is the SAMR model developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura. He developed the SAMR model, for teachers to analyse and evaluate how technology is used in their classroom. Simply, Substitution is when there is no great affordance of using technology for something, as it is simply replacing pen/paper or hardcopy, such as using the Calculator app, Googling the definition of something or writing a list. Moving through to the Redistribution component of the model, this is when technology completely reforms a task or learning, things which previously could not be done. For instance, movie making, multi-modal pages or blogs. Although difficult to distinguish between the middle components, the below questions help.

Our task to review this model was to create a building. with building blocks. We were split into two groups and needed to brainstorm examples of things we can do within our classes then identify which component of SAMR it related to. Each example/sticky note we came up with, we were given a building block to stick it on. So, the more ideas we had the more blocks we were able to build our building with! I really enjoyed this activity as it was engaging, competitive, revision and fun. I felt so comfortable with the model after this activity. The two groups then displayed their buildings, by letting the marble loose!

Other frameworks/models we explored were ADDIE and Carpe Diem, as below. I found Carpe Diem relatable as the core focus is students feeling welcome, familiar, comfortable and supported within their classroom environment, in order for effective learning to occur. Two more days to go!

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