Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Moderating a Twitter Chat

About six months ago I blogged about joining Twitter. Until a few people encouraged me to join, and then it was part of an MDTA Friday, I had no desire to join up as I thought it was just another social media. However, I was incredibly wrong. Twitter is a great place for networking, sharing resources, and finding interesting readings/articles, so I have learnt so much since I joint Twitter.

Twitter chats are incredibly insightful and thought-provoking, and there are soooo many out there! Some PE related, others around digital technology and some purely about education and learning. If you would like to join Twitter, or engage in chats please flick through these slides.

Although the chats are interesting and I take a lot away from them, I started to feel the presence of BTs was low. I suspected this may be due to the feeling of inexperience, thus thinking one cannot share thoughts and ideas. I know I feel that way! So, my friend and I decided to develop a Twitter chat for New Zealand BTs - #NZBTchat.

Tonight we (Mallory Bish and I) have completed moderating our fourth chat. Our topics so far have been BT support, a 2016 reflection, classroom culture and behaviour management, all things we know we like to talk about, as we are both BTs. The aim of the chat is to bring BTs across NZ together to share their ideas and resources, as well as network with other people in a similar boat, going through similar challenges - which I think we are starting to achieve!

By moderating I feel I am learning so much by interacting with others and providing challenges questions in response to those engaging in the chat, so my critical thinking skills are increasing. I also feel proud that we are giving back to the community, and attempting to start a place where like-minded people can chat!

Hopefully the chat picks up a little more as the year progresses! Check out some of the things we have talked about by reading through the chat here.

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