Monday, 23 October 2017

A Snowy Experience

This week we took our 11PE classes to Snowplanet, an indoor snow centre. The kids chose whether they would like to ski or board, had a lesson and then were given free time. I had so much fun being with the students in a new environment for them, and watching them learn.

For many of our students, this day was about an opportunity, an experience. Majority of the kids had never seen snow before, so had never been in a cold environment or had a snow fight. They were certainly shocked walking into -6 degrees! Last year we took our Year 12 class mountain biking and on the high ropes course. I left that day, and our Snowplanet day thinking how happy the students were after these first time experiences. They were so well behaved, incredibly respectful and so grateful for the day out. This means so much more than learning the skill itself.

A bunch of the kids enjoyed the day so much, they want to continue to ski/board. I would love to support the growth of an alpine group at TC, hopefully to take the students down to the mountain at some point - imagine the experiences the kids would have there?! I hate the stereotypes associated with low decile schools and low socio-economic communities, because anything is possible if you really want it... 

I created this short clip of our day out, and really hope to be involved in more awesome experiences in the future. Really looking forward to helping out with the Waka Ama day in a few weeks!


  1. This is so awesome to see Georgia, it looks like a lot of fun! I totally agree with your hate of the low-decile stereotype, if our kids are shown new and different things, who knows where it could take them! I had a student last term discover a huge passion for sewing (at 9 years old) which is now leading her to pathways she would never have thought of before. Good luck for Waka Ama day, I'd love to see some photos/videos of it!

    1. Hey Ashley, it was a lot of fun! Sewing, wow! What a unique experience, and something you and the student won't forget. It's all about giving opportunities, not about making excuses... Thanks for the luck, will be another great experience I am sure :)


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