Thursday, 4 August 2016

Gotta Love 'Em

I have been really unsure about teaching recently, and whether it really is for me and my future.

I have felt as if I do not fit in, that I could be utilised somewhere else in the field more effectively.

I have begun to think about other possible pathways I could lead myself down, as maybe this isn't my jam.

My love and passion for Health and PE is common knowledge, this is something I am 100% sure about. However, I am unsure whether I want to teach in school. Maybe becoming a lecturer is more my cup of tea, as I love to learn, read and research. In all honesty, I am still hazy what I want and where I see myself in the future.

But the past couple of days I have had begun to realise, I would miss the kids too much if I left teaching. Not just the students I currently teach, but students I haven't met yet. Students I can help progress their learning, career pathways and futures. Students who may need me in their life for any reason at all.

I walked around the corner yesterday and saw this, and couldn't help but smile and start to dance myself. The kids were so positive and happy just jamming and doing their own thing, playing a game, without a care in the world. I wish all students were like this, as this is how I think we should be. Happy to dance, look quite idiotic, and really not caring what anyone else thinks, because why should you care?

I enjoy my job because of the students and they joys they bring. There are definitely times I want to walk out or I feel like I am going to cry, but there are also times where I find myself in hysterics, and filled with happiness because of the kids.

Through all of the rubbish that goes on and stuff I put up with as a teacher, this is what I need to keep reminding myself - the kids get me through.

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