Friday, 1 April 2016

HTML Coding Driving Me Crazy

Today the MDTA cohort started creating a Google site about current events happening around the globe. The aim of the site is to develop our critical thinking skills and the critical thinking of others - we are mostly targeting our learners.

Please visit our site

Each page has been created by a different student from MDTA, each with a different context and focus. All of the pages have been created as one or more individual lessons to teach our students to improve their literacy, critical thinking and some as a Social Sciences focus.

I am thoroughly enjoying manipulating HTML code and having a play around with my site. I can definitely see how people lose hours drowning in thousands of lines of code, because it is so intriguing. However, it is doing my head in a little!

I cannot wait to see how much further my coding skills develop in the future, and how my students' learning will be impacted. To see my current events site, click here.


  1. Hey Georgia, I love the title of your post - I totally felt the same! We have come along way though, your page is looking good! I especially liked the clapper board, it is a great way of displaying your create activity :)

  2. Thanks Danni, thought I would try something a little different! Just need to add some colours and the teacher notes now. Although HTML is interesting it is also infuriating! Looking forward to when we are all pros :)

  3. What a fantastic journey you have had with this Miss D - I can really see the determination in your page design and how you really have bought it home for your learners. Can't wait to hear how it goes with your Year 9s!

    1. Thanks Heath! I have become super engaged with this task because I enjoy manipulating code and I'm keen to have multiple pages to encourage critical thinking in the classroom. I love how different mediums are easily embedded into one page like YouTube and Google Drawings. The affordances we have online is incredible! Thanks for the supportive words. :)


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