Friday, 15 April 2016

Our Kids Are Drowning Too Often

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New Zealand drownings are too high. The country, as well as the world are aware of this and the water safety industry are working hard to lower the drowning statistics. The unfortunate reality, is that many of the drownings which occur in NZ, are young people, mostly of Maori and Pasifika culture - our students' culture. This is a super scary thought.

In hope of trying to reduce the amount of Maori and Pasifika drownings (and overall drownings), I have encouraged for an aquatics unit be taught at school, because as of recent, Tamaki College has not included aquatics in the Health and PE curriculum. I have taken responsibility for creating a unit for 10PE, which will be based around basic swimming and water safety. I will be creating a site for this unit to incorporate the digital world and multi-modal learning into the classroom, watch this space...

To find out more about water safety visit Water Safe Auckland Incorporated.

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