Thursday, 11 August 2016

Getting Artsy in SOS

Our Linoit to represent what we have learnt
For the past two weeks in Social Studies we have been discussing the Olympic values; Friendship, Excellence and Respect. After a few lessons learning about the values and what they look like, feel like and sound like with both reference to the Olympics and their own lives, this morning we begun a sketchnote to summarise our learning.

Yesterday we brainstormed key words, phases, and ideas associated with the values, to conclude the learning. From there I explained the three key components of sketchnoting (text, image and structure) and showed my own examples so the students had some knowledge and insight into the phenomena. From there, I suggested some possible layouts, texts and images the students could use and let them go for it.

Key ideas and learning about sketchnotes
Although some students struggled to start, eventually nearly all of the kids had started their sketchnotes, and what they have come up with is incredible. Many of the kids wanted to stay in class and keep going, and similarly at the start of the period I had many eager beans ready to go inside and start sketching before I was even there! I was pleased how engaged most of the students were, including some students who I really struggle to get engaged in classroom activities.

A few of the boys are known for their 'artwork' some may call it, sometimes in inappropriate places. I have seen some of the block writing and drawings they do, and am often blown away - so this activity was aimed to cater for them and their interests. Although they didn't complete the whole task, they were completing a sketchnote and able to explain the values to me, which was a huge step in the right direction.

Although I cannot include everyone's on here, these are some of the sketchnotes which have had the greatest progression so far, and some really cool ideas. I am so proud of the efforts the students gave!

If you are interested in the Olympic values, here are two clips to learn more!


  1. Hi Georgia. It is so great to hear how engaged your learners were when sketchnoting! I also have some students who are also known for their 'artwork'. Perhaps sketchnoting will be a great way for them to use their talents to enhance their learning. Your post has re-inspired me to find a way to use sketchnoting in my classroom, thank you! :)

  2. Great to see the passion continue in this post Georgia - I am sure this would have been a fantastic lesson to have been a part of. Hope to see further posts on this as this is something I would love to approach with my kids. Look forward to discussing it further.

    1. I hope the kids thought it was a good lesson to be part of too! I definitely will in the future, look forward to seeing masterpieces from your learners! :)


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