Thursday, 13 October 2016

Vote For Us!

Currently in SOS we are learning about the government and politics. I personally haven't ever had interest in politics because I find a lot of it so dull! So, this has required a lot of learning myself and thinking about how to teach everything creatively so the students are interested and engaged in the content/lessons.

This morning was a lot of fun! The students have spent the past couple of days creating their own political parties and developing their own ideas about what they would want to achieve if they were in the government. The kids came up with some amazing ideas such as free lunch for all kids in NZ, four days at school per week, building shelters for homeless and free university. The students had the job this morning to film their own advertisements to sell why their party should be in the government.
I am really looking forward to next week, because we are going to share their ads with the class, and then hold our own elections! The students will be able to vote for the party they believe should be in the government! In addition to the ad, the students are creating logos and slogans for their party too.


  1. This looks like an amazing piece of learning - students would be so engaged, so committed! I heard of this game called 'Curriculum for the future' ( which asks students to form groups and fight for their ideal curriculum. It might be a little easy/low-ended for your older students, but there is a paper version that might be a cool way to add to this unit. Having to convince others of your opinion can be done at any age

    Ashley :)

    1. Thanks for the share, I will check it out! Always excited to provide the kids with opportunities to voice their opinions in a safe and insightful way, because their voice is why we are here! And the best way to make changes and improvements for future students :)


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