Friday, 28 October 2016

SOS in action

Today's PLG focus was preparation for our first attempt at a Class On Air episode. This involves us filming one of our lessons to be shared publicly, including planning and reflection. As part of the Class On Air episode, we need a one page site including our planing, footage and reflection, as well as student blogs (hopefully I can include this in the future). See the beginning of my site below, I am attempting to start from scratch, to revise HTML again.

As I was unwell today, I read through my peers posts, for some tips for my own episode.

Some key tips include:

- Consider the light from the windows, this may affect screens in the classroom, and camera shots.

- Filming may include snippets from a variety of lessons or days, to show the flow between. This also provides time for the learners to develop some content knowledge for the filming.

- Consider using screencasts to share what is on the learners screens, if using a digital tool.

- Think about the audio as well as the visual, to ensure voices are heard throughout the footage.

- Editing is a big job, filming is the easy part - but try get it right the first time!

Thanks to Heath for the pointers!

I am filming a SOS lesson next week, which will be focused around legal ages in NZ, legal ages globally and finishing with a debate! This is to conclude our government unit we have be learning about recently, and will be our last lesson of 2016. Watch this space...

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