Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Film Festival Day

It feels like so long ago since this was filmed and created, but today is Manaiakalani Film Festival day! I am excited to see some of the other films that have been created throughout the cluster. Check out the fun afternoon we had, literally just dancing!

I would have loved to have had more time, as the editing is average and I am not 100% happy with the footage, but with an extremely busy timetable, I think this is a good first go. Bring on the challenge next year. If you would like to see more of the the films from the cluster, click here :)

To see more from Tamaki College check out TCTV which includes my film here.


  1. Well done on this Georgia, it was great to watch your film on the big screen yesterday. I know that you said you're not happy with it but I think be happy with the fact that you took a risk with the green screen and I know by the conversations we have had, that you have taken a lot of learning away from this experience. Onwards and upwards :)

    1. Cheers Heath, definitely learnt a lot, lots to consider for next year! I was disappointed to not see yours, but I'm sure it was amazing and the students loved being on the big screen. It was the experience of the day I enjoyed the most, so I'm keen for next year already, especially as it'll be the 10 year anniversary! I wonder if we could construct one together hmmm...


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