Thursday, 17 November 2016

In Case of Emergency

Two years ago I trained to become a pool lifeguard. Part of this process involved completing my Basic First Aid certificate, which is due to expire next month. Today I was fortunate enough to spend the day renewing my certificate, which I think is incredibly important for all teachers, particularly teachers in the HPE field.

Throughout the day we had theory lessons which we then implemented into realistic situations or scenarios we may find ourselves in, in the workplace. These included cuts, breaks, sprains and burns at a low priority level, through to open wounds with things sticking out of the body.

The most serious part was the revision of DRABC, and the ability to provide CPR and the use of an AED. I feel much more confident with my ability to provide first aid to people in a variety of situations until Emergency services have arrived, which may save a limb or more seriously a life in the future.

A basic rundown of DRABC:

Danger: Assessing the situation of any dangers which may be present at the scene of an accident such as people, equipment, vehicles, gases, liquids etc. The most important thing to remember when wanting to help someone is not putting yourself in danger to do so.

Response: Check whether the patient is responsive to you; can they hear you talking? Do they groan/twitch when you squeeze their fingers? Can they open their eyes when asked? If they are completely unresponsive, always call for an ambulance, and an AED.

Airways: Tilt the head back slightly and open the mouth; check the airways are not obstructed by anything (liquid or solid), clear if necessary.

Breathing: Put your ear close to the patients mouth - can you feel their breath on your cheek? Can you feel them breathing? Can you see their chest rising and falling?

Circulation: Feel for the pulse, check response to squeezing fingertips (does colour come back)

MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you don't know what is wrong, always call for an ambulance!!

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