Thursday, 25 February 2016

My Job is Better Than Yours

A look into what is happening in my classes at the moment. Jealous? You should be!

Brainstorming with 9Health what we will be learning about this year. I took this opportunity to reiterate the importance of speaking up when you have something to say/ask, and to never laugh or mock one another. In schools like Tamaki, the likelihood the students' families educate them about touchy, difficult subjects including sexuality is little, therefore it is crucial the students feel safe and comfortable to freely speak in class, so they are correctly educated.

Teaching the concept of Hauora and aspects of our lives within the dimensions through classroom discussion in 12Health.

9Health critically analysing which dimension of Hauora is mostly impacted during specific scenarios, then we had a classroom discussion/debate - because there is no wrong answer as long as there is justification (which is an important lesson to learn).

9SOS created posters using Pam Hook's hexagon model. Students are given a page full of blank hexagons, then in each hexagon they are to write one word related to a given topic. Once the hexagons are full, students are to cut them out and them place them in an order which makes sense to them, then explaining why they have hexagons linked. An awesome activity to critically think, and also revise content.

11PE and 13PE participating in a volleyball tournament. Easily managed when there are three teachers, one per court. Sometimes, although many would argue this (especially my lecturers!), there does not need to be an aim or objective for a lesson. Sometimes, we don't need to teach anything, but there is still learning. Sometimes learning occurs indirectly, and the students don't even realise it. This was a perfect example of one of those lessons.

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