Monday, 29 February 2016

Our Leap Day Leap of Faith

As much as I love and am passionate about Health, I studied Health and PE for a reason - I am also passionate about physical activity and the outdoors.

Today as part of their assessment, we took 12PE out to Woodhill Forest today, to experience a High Ropes course and mountain biking. Some of the students are petrified of heights, and some had never really ridden a bike before - but even though the activities were challenging, they were so engaged

The staff were blown away how positively they participated.

For majority of the students, today was once in a lifetime opportunity, and I am so glad I could be a part of that. The activities aren't cheap and they are located over an hour away from school, which for some families is way too unrealistic as a weekend hangout. 

I have always appreciated what I have, but these kids have provided me with a newfound love and appreciation for everything in my life, as some of them have nothing.

The kids were buzzing at the end of the day, with only a couple of complaints about the bucketing down rain!

What a sweet day at the office. 

Need some convincing as to why outdoor education is important? Dillon et al., will help you to clarify.

(Dillon, J., Rickinson, M., Teamey, K., Morris, M., Young Choi, M., Sanders, D., & Benefield, P. (2006). The value of outdoor learning: evidence from research in the UK and elsewhere. School Science Review, 87(320), 107-111)


  1. Jealous, you guys get all the good field trips!

    1. Perks of being a PE teacher! Today I spent all day kayaking near Mission Bay!


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