Friday, 6 May 2016

Four Years of Hard Work

After giving 110% for 4 years, today I graduated! I can now officially say I have a degree, some call it an expensive piece of paper! 

I graduated with a Bachelor of Physical Education with my BPE whanau. I felt nervous and excited about being capped in front of hundreds and hundreds of people, but I didn't trip thankfully!

I begun the day with my family and partner for breakfast. We then taxied into Auckland City to The University of Auckland to get some photos and prepare for 'the walk'. I really enjoyed the walk down to Aotea Square with my cohort, it was nice to catch up with them all and celebrate our success together.

After the walk some of us went out for brunch before the ceremony. Although the ceremony itself was a little tedious, as I was number 477, I am glad that I went. I was proud of myself and my friends, and my family was proud of me. We wandered down to the Viaduct for some family photos and a toast.

I celebrated in the evening with some expensive champagne, good food and amazing company. Now to get through my Honours... 

Currently I am writing an assignment about motivating my students, I think I need to take a leaf out of my own book! But what is motivation?


  1. Sounds like a fantastic day Miss D and well done on this milestone! Onwards and upwards, we have got this Honours thing :)

  2. Sounds like a day well spent! It will be great when we all graduate again together in a couple of years!

  3. Congratulations Georgia! It is so important to take the time out to celebrate huge milestones like this. Deep breath, enjoy, and then onwards and upwards with the next one :)

    1. Thanks Dorothy, hope you are having a great trip. Roll on the next grad!


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