Saturday, 28 May 2016

First XV On Form

For the past week my Year 13s have been buzzing for their big game this weekend, against the top team. As I have a long-distance relationship, and friends and family across the country, I am often away during the weekends. However, this weekend I was not. 
I was thankful the weather was in our favour, with beautiful sunny skies and no rain as we have had intermittently over the past few weeks. The boys had a home game, so my partner and I trotted along to support them. Boy, was it a game. I am so proud of the boys, they performed well. 

They worked together, supported one another and won 26-12. This means they are now sitting at top of the table for their division, so exciting!

I am unfortunately way too busy this year to help out coaching and with extra curricular activities, but I cannot wait until I can in the years to come. The sense of determination, motivation, achievement and cooperation evident throughout sports is incredible, sometimes this is not easy to see during school time. Involvement in extra-curricular activities also shows you in a new light to the students, which I think is important. We are people, with lives outside of school, which students can struggle to comprehend sometimes.

Although I cannot help now, I look forward to supporting more of the rugby, as well as the basketball teams when I don't have lectures, and helping where I can in the future. 

This clip has made me consider what a coach actually is, and what coaching is. Often we associate coaching with sports teams, however I think we are all coaches in a variety of ways.

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