Friday, 3 June 2016

Google Class OnAir

For majority of our digital immersion Friday, the MDTA was privileged to explore the Manaiakalani Class OnAir site, created by five teachers in the cluster. One of the teachers, Matt Goodwin, joined us to discuss the process behind Class OnAir and provided us with opportunities to give feedback and feedforward for the overall site and the individual teachers.

Class OnAir is exactly what it sounds like, teachers sharing their classrooms and lessons online, for people around the world to watch. The teachers attach their lesson plans, evaluations and links to students' blogs onto their live lessons they have uploaded. The idea behind the creation of Class OnAir is to demonstrate the Learn, Create, Share pedagogy developed by Manaiakalani.

Upon reflection, I am unsure whether some of the lessons show a 100% true reflection of a classroom. There is no behaviour management, students all appear to have netbooks, and only a select few have been chosen to be filmed and write blogs. Although the OnAir depicts Learn, Create, Share beautifully, and these teachers are very brave to put themselves out there, possibly for the future the lessons may need to appear a little less fabricated. Unless of course, my lessons are a little messier than theirs, and they aren't fabricated at all! It is all well and good for me to make comments, but soon it will be me and my lessons being analysed, as we are completing a Class OnAir lesson next term! Watch this space...


  1. Looking forward to seeing you teach Georgia - you have some fantastic ideas in your practice so I am sure others will benefit from watching your Class on Air.

    1. Cheers Heath, here's hoping! I'm looking forward to seeing how you manage so many kids in your hub with all their wonderful ideas :)


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