Friday, 23 September 2016

Burnt Out Take 3

I made it! Another milestone - three terms down. Oh my goodness this term has been full on! I feel more exhausted than I thought was possible... Probably attributed to about 5 hours sleep a night for the past fortnight!

Reflecting on the term, I know I have learnt a considerable amount, not only about my own teaching, but about my own learning, my students, time management, resiliency and balancing my wellbeing. I have managed to keep myself afloat throughout the jam-packed 9 weeks, but there have definitely been some struggles. I am so excited for a bit of a calmer term next term!

To conclude our digital immersion for Term 3, our focus today was ignite talks. After learning about Keynote last week, our challenge today was to present an ignite talk about a reading we were given at the beginning of the day, using Keynote.

Ignite talks are a series of 5 minute presentations with 20 slides each. Therefore, our task was to create 20 slides which lasted 15 seconds each, and have a speech alongside the slides. My reading, The World Is Our Interface: Design Beyond The Screen, discusses human interaction with interfaces through the ages. I then interpreted the information, wrote a presentation and then hurriedly prepared slides. With more time, I would have tidied up my Keynote, and made it more engaging, however I was limited on time - this is one of the challenges of an ignite talk. Check out what I produced!

I enjoy giving presentations, and foresee I will present more in the future - I am hoping to present at PENZ next year! So I will definitely consider Keynote and ignite talks.


  1. Your presentation was amazing - well written, perfectly timed, interesting and insightful. I have no doubt you will be asked to present many times in the future :)

    1. Thanks for the feedback Ashley, much appreciated! Watch this space ae, who knows what the next year has to bring - lucky I like to talk ;) Hope you are having a bit of a break!


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