Friday, 9 September 2016

Film On The Way

Manaiakalani host a film festival annually at the local cinemas, to play short films created in the cluster by teachers and students. As aforementioned, we are making a film as part of MDTA. There is no theme or idea we need to follow, it is completely open. 

Today we spent the day editing our footage from last week, then sharing with one another for feedback and feedforward. Although I didn't have much time last week, and was a little rushed, I am pleased with what I have so far. I am still working with the audio and final background images, which I hope to finish over the weekend.
I have learnt lots about movie making along the way, but my previous knowledge was definitely helpful and saved time learning about iMovie. Unfortunately a lot of the footage was outside of the green screen, which means a lot of zooming in, and parts with the floor/walls in the frame. Even though it looks a little shabby, and I wish I could do it all again, I need to accept I am short on time and need to complete my university assignment!

I had no clue how to use a green screen, but some simple tips are to ensure the material does not have any creases, as this would interrupt the background image, and also be sure all footage is inside the green screen - I have had to cut out so many parts I would have loved to include but the kids weren't near the green screen!

If I am to create another film in the future, I would want to plan further in advance, with more planning prior and use a little bit of in class time so I can work out what needs to be filmed again or any potential shots that could have been better. To do this though, would mean I would have to make links to the content covering in class, to not take away learning time.

To learn more about the Film Festival, and see previous entries, click here! :)


  1. Great refection Georgia and I am looking forward to see the final video! Am sure it is going to look great up on the big screen!!

    1. I hope so - I am feeling a little embarrassed by it but things are crazy at the moment so I just have to work with what I've got! Should be a fun day :)

  2. What an honest reflection Georgia! You've made a good point, next time I need to start planning and doing things a little bit earlier in the year. Having the pressure of only having half a day to film wasn't helpful! Oh well, onwards and upwards. Can't wait to see your final video :)

    1. Unfortunately there are always a million other things to do, and even though it is at the back of our minds, and we want to get started - it was not a priority until the past few weeks! To be honest, I learnt having that half day was probably the best thing for my sanity and time management, because I had what I had and did not want to spend too long on the film. I am finished now, but I am not 100% happy with it! But I know I need to do my assignment so got to move on! Good luck for yours!


Thank you for your feedback! :)