Friday, 10 June 2016

Sharing What I See

This morning I have created my first screencast, focusing on my site in Year 9 Social Studies. A screencast is a useful way to communicate and share ideas, presentations and so on. For teachers, screencasting can be useful to share tools, lessons, units and activities other teachers have created for their learners. 

The main component of our screencast was to share with the world how we incorporate the Manaiakalani pedagogy of visible learning to create strong learner agency, through Learn, Create, Share. This is helpful for others to gain an understanding of the Manaiakalani framework, and demonstrates how it is embedded within classrooms. 

Other teachers from MDTA use their sites more frequently with their hubs, learning spaces, syndicates and so on, so if you want to learn more I would suggest visiting some of their blogs to watch their screencasts (see links on the left column of my blog).

I am busy this week developing my Water Safety unit for Term 4, and look forward to using my new knowledge of how to screencast through QuickTime Player, to share my creation. 

To learn more about screencasting, visit the Manaiakalani Digital Immersion site.


  1. Wonderful screen cast Ms G!!

  2. Thanks Dot! Currently working through HTML code creating a water safety site - will screencast that when I can. :)


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