Monday, 20 June 2016

Water Safety Update

I have been super busy as of late with six million things, as I am sure every teacher can appreciate! But I still have water safety at the back of my mind and the unit development for Term 4. Please ignore my "ums" and the internet dropping out etc, this was just supposed to be an intro/update to how I envisage the unit to look. 

I did not mention that in addition to the use of the site, there will be in pool sessions. After a theory lesson around one of the topics, there will be a pool session to put what the students learn into practice. I hope this will increase student confidence of how to be safe, and how to keep others safe in, near and around the water.

Check out my site here, and let me know if you want/need any more information. I will upload my lesson plans for the theory and pool sessions later in the year!

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