Friday, 24 June 2016

Six Month Milestone

Wow, half of the year has passed already! I am already nearing the end of Term 2 of my career, it is passing by so quickly.

As part of our digital immersion for MDTA we have created an interview to reflect upon various questions. I valued this process as it provided as an opportunity for me to think about why I am here, what I have learnt and what I have overcome.

See below the full version of my reflection, later a shortened version will be available on the Manaiakalani site. For further reflections, read my blog holistically, and in the future I will have a site for my practising teacher criteria evidence too.

Apologies for my head being cut off and various jumps between clips etc, I'm still learning iMovie!


  1. Chur girl. Cool kaupapa! Love that intense bbal snippet :P

    1. Thanks Kata! I have just realised for some reason only half of the clip has uploaded! Come back in half an hour if you would like to watch the rest :)


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